Insta Glow

I got a message from one of my friends on Instagram after I posted this on my story:

(I’m on your right and that’s my insanely hot friend on the left)

She asked me to do a Glowy Skin post (and to make it an in-depth one too)! And if you know me, you know how excited I get when I receive these kinds of messages. I promised I would as soon as I slept off the Jet Lag and was able to write coherently (just about) again.

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Ice Ice Baby

My sister lingered by the doorway until she caught my eye, I’m not sure how long she was watching me for (how long was she watching me for?!) but in the sweet and suspicious way a sister usually can, she asked me the innocent question:

“Do you have a minute?”

“What’s up?”

She smiled.

I laughed, “What do you need?’


So, my challenge was to create something that could reinvigorate her face. She was going for that Toned, Plumped, Fresh and Dewy (TPFD) look. Not much, right?

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The One

Have you ever abandoned your skin care regime, clean eating habits or 8 hours sleep a day schedule? I have, oh so many times, to the point where my skin starts to show the signs of neglect. I only remember to switch back to my routine if I have an event to attend (fine dining at Subway counts, right?) which requires me scrubbing up as best as I can.

However, as this realisation is usually last minute (I’m talking hours before I need to get ready) I need something pretty magical to make a significant improvement quickly (and makeup can only cover so much). Which is why I’m so excited to share this recipe, it’s basically in the same league as ‘Get out of Jail free-Advance to Go Collect 200’ .

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The Cooling Q

When I had published ‘The Delicious Face Mask‘, I was ecstatic (I was totally buzzing) that I had received several messages on Instagram to my @sabziandsaffron page, asking for a face mask that could help with various skin types and concerns.

This might have been a small request on your part, but I was just so happy to see these messages and more importantly, to see that you trust me with giving you more suggestions. So please keep them coming! I would love to share more recipes with you.

Moving on to another one of my favourite Face Masks, it’s quite simple to make but extremely effective. As someone with very sensitive skin, it doesn’t take much for my face to react to something and feel irritated or inflamed. So I had created this mask (with tips from my mum who has incredible skin!) to quickly calm down the reaction and cool my skin. This mask is also good for those annoying colourless bumps you can get on your forehead, and another benefit (yes, there’s more!) is that you can use it to help reduce any puffiness in the face.


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The Delicious Face Mask

Facemasks are incredibly important to me, I truly believe, that if made correctly, with the right ingredients, they can do wonders and transform your skin.

I’ve been making my own face masks from scratch for the last eight years, and depending on what I want the face mask to achieve (hydration, nourishment, to tone/firm or to give me that glow) they come in various textures, colours and consistencies. All natural and most good enough to eat.



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